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I'm going to use this section as a scratch pad for newsletter ideas I'm collecting. Some ideas could also be turned into wiki pages.

Ideas (from different sources and myself, in no particular order.)
  1. About FamiLAB (in the initial issue) How it got started, how it evolved, what it does now.
  2. Member of the month highlights (Members who want to tell their story, what their hobbies are, etc..)
  3. Members who want to volunteer their information about themselves.
  4. Images of members in action, working on projects (Get their permission first)
  5. "I Made This!"
    1. "I Made This!" at FamiLAB (Images and details)
    2. "I Made This!" at Home (Images and details)
  6. Classifieds
    1. Jobs: Wanted jobs
    2. Jobs: Job offers
    3. Items: Selling
    4. Items: Free
    5. Other: Anything that doesn't fit the others
  7. 3D Printing News
  8. Purge table (general contents, if it can be explained)
  9. FamiLAB areas explanations (Explain what each area is for, related tools and How to use...) Different area in each issue. Except the Laser and 3D Printers, they get a status update in each issue.
    1. Lobby
      1. Entertainment Lounge
      2. Computer Kiosk
    2. Fabrication Lab
      1. Laser Cutter/Engraver
      2. Current Laser status
      3. 3D Printers
      4. 3D Printers Status
    3. BioTech Lab
    4. Classroom
      1. Classroom (Projector, Classroom Information)
      2. Electronics Bench (Inside Classroom)
      3. Ham Radio (Inside Classroom)
    5. Darkroom
    6. Laptop Bar
    7. Warehouse
      1. Metal Shop
      2. Member Storage Bins
      3. Wood Shop
      4. Leather Area
      5. Welding Area
  10. Classes (Current and upcoming classes)
  11. Events (Current and upcoming events)
  12. FamiLAB News (Any news about FamiLAB)
  13. Local restaurants (Highlights like recommended food from members about specific restaurants, local restaurants)
  14. Using FamiLAB resources (Slack, forums, etc.) (Slack: useful channels for all members)
  15. Statistics (Current member count, etc.)
  16. Current Crowdfunding Efforts
  17. Member meeting information (Brief meeting minutes, what was discussed, new members, etc.)
  18. New technology that effects us.
  19. Top 10 lists
  20. Upcoming conventions and events nearby
  21. Letter from the President (Dave) or VP
  22. Letter from the Treasurer
  23. Letter from the Ops Team
  24. From the board in general
  25. Specific Problems reported by members
    1. Specific Problems resolved by members
    2. Specific Problems resolved by Ops
    3. Specific Problems resolved by Board
  26. General concerns from members
    1. General concerns from members resolved
    2. General concerns from members unresolved
  27. General concerns from the board or ops
    1. General concerns from the board or ops resolved
    2. General concerns from the board or ops unresolved
  28. How-to articles
  29. FAQ section
  30. New things at the lab
  31. Members in action (Images of members working on projects)
  32. Holidays and special events
  33. Images of pets of members
  34. Humorous pictures of members
  35. Information about organizations and local companies that are relevant to the lab
  36. Battlebots
  37. Makerfaire Orlando (when it's time relevant)
  38. Movies
    1. "Theater Discussion Night"
    2. Star Wars
    3. In Theaters
    4. Premium Cable Channels
    5. On DVD
    6. Netflix
  39. Anime
  40. TV Shows
    1. Broadcast
    2. HBO (Westworld and other shows)
    3. Netflix
  41. Space News
    1. NASA
    2. SpaceX
  42. Computing
    1. Raspberry Pi Info
    2. Linux
    3. Python
    4. Other languages
  43. Gaming
    1. Gaming (Video)
    2. Gaming (Tabletop)
  44. Puzzles
  45. Cartoons by members or from other sources (must be legal to show)