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Items to Clarify

  • Collets: What size are the four collets?
  • Mach4: Verify that instructions are correct.
  • Work Coordinate System: Setup is mentioned at two places. Eliminate one.
  • Spindle Speed in Mach4: Do we want the manual spindle speed to match the value in Mach4 (from Vcarve) so we have a reference value for future runs & so we will have proper speed when (someday) Mach4 controls spindle motor speed? Not practical since the user will manually adjust speed as needed. Should user go back into Vcarve & set value to the best speed from the run?

Items to Add

  • Pictures & diagrams.
  • Under Usage section, add clean-up instructions.
  • Add a Maintenance section:
    • Clean out dust collector.
    • Clean the slots in each collet.
  • Add an Accessories section:
    • Bit types.
    • Clamps.
    • Where to buy for LAB or yourself.
  • Add a Hardware section:
    • Details of router table.
    • Details of electronics.
    • Details of workstation & software.
  • References
    • Good websites for CNC router & router in general.

New Articles to Add

  • Mach4
  • Vcarve