Taig CNC Micro Mill

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Taig-MicroProto-DSLS-3000 CNC-mill 2018.JPG

The Taig CNC Micro Mill is a small CNC mill for milling metal. Member @mechalich kindly supplied it to FamiLAB. It is located in the Metal Shop in the back corner.


Taig MicroMill DSLS 3000 (Modified / Upgraded)


Mach3 / Mach4



200 oz-in. servo step motors, high resolution encoders

3/16", 1/4" collets with collet closer

Gecko G540 + ESS (Ethernet Smooth Stepper)

DSLS Electronic Control Driver Unit (Currently not in use)

4th Axis Amplifier and Port Included

Machine Features:

Position increment resolution 0.000125 in.

Mechanical repeatability 0.0005 in.

Powerful 1/4 HP continuous duty AC motor.

Spindle Speed 1100 - 11000 RPM

Heavy Duty and Precision ER-16 spindle assembly.

Travel: X = 12", Y = 5.5", Z = 6"

Rapid Traverse Speed (G00) up to 100 in/min.

Continuous Contouring Feedrate up to 60 in/min.

Precision Mechanics.

Box way Z-axis assembly with ground steel plate and tapered brass gib.

Adjustable tapered brass gib on X-axis.

Ground steel sliding ways with adjustable brass gib.

Hard anodized aluminum table.

1/2 inch 20 pitch Cr-Mo leadscrews with adjustable split bronze nuts on all axes.

Tooling Inventory:

3/16", 1/4" ER16 collets

3" Screwless Vice + small stock vise

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