Tabletop Game Day

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This event is held by Gene.Jacket once a month. Please check the FamiLAB Calendar for specific dates.

Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Risk...that game with the Mustard guy. NO!

Board games have undergone an amazing renaissance in the last decade with an amazing variety of themes and mechanics to bring to the table.

This is a very casual event with participation at your convenience. The lab can be a busy place, so games are chosen to be in the light to medium range of heaviness with relatively short play times. That means you can drop in for a quick game without committing your entire day.

Feel free to bring your own games to contribute to the event. Heavier games are welcome at the tables, but please arrange your play group ahead of time. If you are looking for Role Playing Games, they have their own day, hosted by bzwingzero.

This is Gene.Jacket's current collection: Game list. Hit him up on Slack if you would like a particular game to show up at the next game day.