Speedex Key Cutting Machine

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Speedex Key Cutting Machine

The Speedex Key Cutting Machine is a machine for duplicating keys. It is located in the Metal Shop. The Model 9160MC is a manual duplicator with 4-way jaws that hold a large variety of different key blanks, including double-sided automotive keys. The carriage range accommodates large-bow keys. (The reversible tracer would allow cutting flat steel keys with the optional slotting cutter kit No. CW-16KIT.) It has bronze bearings, is mounted on a sturdy base for added stability, and comes with the HPC Softie de-burring brush.


The operation is straightforward. Follow directions in the video at the link below. Supply your own key blank (or there may be some blanks near the machine).


The key cutter was purchased by @Hamster and he mounted it at FamiLAB.

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Name plate on Speedex Key Cutting Machine.