Space Improvements

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Well we've had a visit from the city and we need to make some changes.

If you expect to be reimbursed for an expenditure, please gather pricing and make a proposal to a board member.


  • Finish repair of all ceiling tiles
    • $32 for 8 at Home Depot
  • Add escutcheon rings around all sprinkler heads
    • Dave says there is a fire sprinkler company nearby where we can purchase them
  • Replace battery in exit sign in warehouse
  • Repair/replace emergency lighting
  • Fix cracked/missing outlet and switch plates
  • Need a total of 3 fire extinguishers, less than 75 ft of travel from any place in the warehouse
    • Must be inspected by a licensed company. Protip: take extinguishers to the company to avoid trip fees.
  • Eliminate stairs to loft area
  • Fix the corner in the front room where the wall was removed