Small Tablesaw

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It's a little table saw! This is the one we have at the lab.

The small tablesaw is a Harbor Freight table saw. It's mainly for cutting molding and small, thin pieces of wood. We've been using it for cutting circuit boards with the diamond blade, and it's done well for that.


Caution! No matter how cute, anything with the word 'saw' in it is not to be taken lightly. This one included. The wood saw is very coarse, and the blade guard might as well be non-existent. It's small, which means unstable, so this thing can go rocketing away or toss your workpiece and still have the momentum to take out a finger or two. Be extra-careful with it.

It's a little table saw. Use it how you usually use table saws. I'd recommend clamping it down to something first, selecting the appropriate blade and installing it with the saw UNPLUGGED. Then feed your stock through it while it's on, making sure to keep your fingers FAR AWAY from the blade.

Please clean it off when you're done.