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-- As of >2012-03-20< I am no longer concerned with this, if someone would like to continue and has questions you are free to email me omegatotal |.at.|

Server Consolidation

So as we move into a new space and have to pay for our own power, I am going to be consolidating all the physical servers onto one VM box, I am sticking with VMware because we already have a vulnerable environment on it, I will just segregate the two environments in the virtual space and have a dedicated nic for accessing the vuln. from the lan or its own wifi(which you will have to crack :-P)

Please add any requests to the list and if its non-standard please provide URL with setup instructions

also no folding/cracking VM's or services will be created!


~~Kyle *omegatotal*

you can email me directly at omegatotal |.at.|

    • Did anyone ever hook the rack/servers up to the Killawatt and see what it was pulling? I'd like concrete numbers, so we can justify any expenditures in the future. Also what about our networking kit? How much power does that pull? - Mack 13:18, 29 November 2011 (CST)

-** one 3COM 2950 switch at idle draws about 15-20watts it seems -** the IBM 8841-41U (5u, 8gb, 2x 3.2Ghz xeon, 6x 74gb 3x 36gb) draws around 350watts with hdds spinning but idle (this machines does not support any power saving features or idle states) -** the IBM 8648-2BU (4u, 5gb, 1x 3.6Ghz, 4x 36gb) draws around 200watts with hdds spinning but idle (this machines does not support any power saving features or idle states)

Virtual Machine Requests

  • Old famiweb scripts and services
  • Untangle
    • Would prefer to keep firewall/VPN stuff on its own box. Maybe we should move to a different distro that's less CPU intensive, and just use a low power network appliance (Atom based?) - Mack 13:18, 29 November 2011 (CST)
  • PBX - Asterisk
  • Security System (Aaron's RFID stuff)
  • GIT repo
  • Dedicated game servers? ( server requested, it's low on resources. Thantik 02:28, 5 December 2011 (CST))
  • Siri Proxy
  • DC++ (direct connect) server for project file/arduino sketch sharing? (This is just a 'hub' which allows members to direct connect to one another.)
  • arduino interface to web (Ted/Dan, breadboard)
  • a terminal server/citrix server or some clone for thin clients that we have