Radial Drill Press

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This is a recently acquired tool and needs its initial inspection, adjustment, and stabilization prior to use. The most important issue is the stability of the stand. This can be resoved by bolting in wide plywood panels between the legs. Making a shelf in the process would provide a place to store the crossfeed bed and attachments. This is open for doacracy.

This is a floor standing radial drill press with a 13" cross feed milling bed. As with any power tool it is important to be sure the active area is clear of fingers, clothes, hair, tools, and other stray things before turning on the power. The radial part is that the head can be moved forward and back and the entire head can be rotated about 270 degrees about the horizontal axis. For this reason it is very important to check your head alignment prior to drilling.

It has a half horsepower motor and a 5 speed belt transmission. To change speeds it is necessary to power down, loosen the motor tension lock, open the top cover, move the belt to the smaller pulley position first then the corresponding larger position on the other pulley. Put tension on the motor and lock it down then close the lid.

More information will be added once I have a picture.