Puma II Vinyl Cutter

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Puma II Vinyl Cutter
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In the Fabrication Lab.
Not required.

The Puma II vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled machine where the movement of a sharp blade over a vinyl sheet cuts out shapes and letters. For self-adhesive vinyl sheet, the vinyl can then be stuck to a variety of surfaces.

Puma II vinyl cutter's name plate.


The vinyl cutter is a Sign Pal Puma II model PII-60 from GCC Technologies according to the manual and a Vinyl Express Lynx PII-60 according to info on cutter itself. The platen could handle 700 mm (27") wide vinyl sheet but with only two pinch rollers, that is probably not practical.


No training is required to use this vinyl cutter. Instructions are in the Operating Manual linked below. Always be careful around the cutter blade.

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