Portal Mirror w/ Infinity Room

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Portal Mirror with Infinity Room

This is a project for the mini room at 10x that has two windows and a door, not much more than a broom closet.

Part one of the proposed idea is to make the two windows connected like a giant para-scope. By looking into one window one should see out the other window as if inside the closet. The two windows would/might be painted/lighted one orange and the other blue as if they were the A-B portals in the video game Portal.

Part two, when people ask to see how it works (great for open house nights), the host will allow the guest to open the door. Upon opening the door, they will be greeted with an infinity LED lit room. At this point minds should be blown as the effect is nothing shy of magic.

Part 1 - needs 2 tall mirrors not very wide set at 45 degrees inside the closet, one per window.
Part 2 - needs 2 door size mirrors, one needs to be a two-way mirror and an array of LED Xmas lights.
Both will need some framing materials (wood) and then everything should be painted flat black.