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This page is currently under construction, please avoid full page edits while this notice is in place. Sectional edits are safe but whole page edits could create conflicts between revisions.
FamiLAB Popcorn machine

The popcorn machine has been assembled but not ready for use just yet.

There is a sign on the machine stating not to use the machine yet.
Lloyd Black will be making an instruction page that will be attached the front glass doors.
Please do not use the popcorn machine until the instruction page is posted.
So, please be patient and the instruction page will be ready so everyone will be able to use the machine.
Lloyd has made available a generous amount of Open-Top Popcorn Boxes. Feel free to use them however please use only one box, per night, per person.
Don't just throw out the one you're using and pick up a new one each time you eat the popcorn if you're going to eat a lot of popcorn during the night. They will be used up quickly if not used in moderation. Lloyd is spending his own money for the popcorn machine supplies, the lab is not paying for popcorn machine supplies.

If you wish to contribute to the popcorn machine supplies, please contact Lloyd Black and a donation can be discussed.

Lloyd may be reached on Slack (@lloyd.black) via a direct message or via email using his email address on his wiki user profile page linked here: Lloyd Black

The popcorn machine has some parts that can become dangerously hot and can badly burn people if it's not used carefully.

It will be asked that anyone who uses the machine to clean it properly after it's use.

There will be instructions on how to clean it properly so it doesn't rust and possibly contaminate the popcorn.

This page will be for information about how to properly use the popcorn machine located in the Laptop Bar.

This page will also include the full instruction manual that came with the popcorn machine for reference purposes.

It will contain images and instructions on it's use so it may be used properly and safely.

Also, there will be a list of supplies for use by the machine. This will be useful so supplies will be able to remain in stock.

Important Note:

Lloyd Black retains ownership of the popcorn machine for repair and maintenance because there's a three year protection plan for it.
It was purchased for use ONLY at FamiLAB. The popcorn machine is NEVER to be removed from FamiLAB without Lloyd Black's permission.
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