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The idea of allowing members to bring in personal work carts to use as a portable work bench/secure storage has been generally well received. We should define some ground rules.

  • Members must bring in their own cart. The lab will not be responsible for supplying or maintaining the carts.
  • Cart restrictions by membership level (Matt: These are just my thoughts, final rules would obviously need to be approved by member vote)
    • Thinker Level: No cart or locker. However, we may be able to do something similar by providing a small wall of bins that would allow these members some personal storage for small/light items (electronics parts, fabric/sewing supplies, etc...)
    • Maker Level: Choose between bringing in a cart OR use of a locker.
    • Booster Level: May bring a cart AND use a locker.
  • Members may bring in a store-bought cart or build their own.
    • DIY carts can be made of any material (wood, metal, plastic, PVC pipe, etc...) as long as they meet the size requirements, have caster wheels and are structurally safe
    • We should design a set of "standard" plans that new members can use as a starting point and either build as-is or modify as required.
    • Bonus points and infinite fame for carts that are self-propelled. Autonomous is best :)
  • Need to define maximum dimensions
    • Clearly something like this is TOO big Link.
    • Matt proposes a nice round 2' x 3' maximum footprint
    • Height will be more difficult to standardize for store-bought units as they will vary.
  • Some examples at various prices
    • Nice multi-purpose cart from Sears on sale now for $129 Link
    • Cheaper option with less bells and whistles from Harbor Freight Link
    • Lowes had a nice 5 drawer tool box base with a plastic cart top for $89 but I can't find it online. I'll try to stop by the store and snap a pic.