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So, you want to be a FamiLAB Member? Awesome! We love adding new people to our community. We have a membership process that allows you to get to know us and us to get to know you.

(Bear with us as we're trying out a new process - this may change a little bit!)

Where do I start?

  • Come on out!
  • Sign a safety waiver
  • Come to the next member meeting to say hi
(We know that Tuesdays aren't great for everyone. If Tuesday nights are difficult for you, contact us and we'll get you set up to hangouts in or send us a video to introduce yourself.)
  • Start working on your new member packet and get your provisional badge (now you can be in the space when a member is there)
  • While you're at the lab, work on the scavenger hunt that's part of your packet
  • Get three people to provide you with testimonials - more than a signature, this is someone willing to tell us about a positive interaction with you. This can be on paper or via our testimonials form

What can I do with my provisional badge?

  • Attend events! Come to classes! Hang out at the lab and make things! Introduce yourself to people!

What happens next?

  • When you've got your testimonials, bring us your membership packet
  • Come to the next member meeting to be formally introduced as a new member. OR, if you can't make it out, we'll read your packet to the meeting so we get to know you better
  • After that, we get you your official badge! Just email Netadmindave your self-picture of choice and he'll get one printed for you.
  • All you need to do to make your badge active is set up your dues payments (if you think you might have trouble with this step, you can contact our treasurer to work something out)

That's it!

I'm an existing member. What do I do if I have a concern about someone (new member, existing member, etc.)?

  • Bring it to the board - you can email us or use our form and we'll discuss it at the next board meeting. If you email us or leave your contact information in the form, we'll get back with you about a resolution after the next board meeting.