Minutes 9/22/09

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Meeting Minutes - 9/22/09

In attendance: Tetsu, Fishtank, Mack, Josh, Indy, Brian, Mike

8:17PM	- Meeting called to order
	- Collected dues
 :23	- Opened discussion of space at Seminole Business and Storage
	- Discussed collection of dues
	- Agreed that dues will be collected mid month
 :33	- Called vote on the two spaces, agreed on the furnished space
 :34	- Incorporating: when, who, how much?
		- $70 filing fees for incorporation
		- $300 for federal NFP
		- accounting fees
		- Agreed to wait on advice from business types
 :40	- Field trip to Gainesville civic center mentioned
 :41	- Talk of assigning official duties, board members, etc.
		- Tetsu will be treasurer for now
 :44	- Week 1: We move int
		- Moving couches, other large items in
		- Figure out where we need power, other wiring
		- Should be picky about what we bring in the limited space
 :48	- Public meeting, when is our first one?
		- Have a pot luck?
		- Workshop
		- How soon? Will have to be established first
 :49	- LAN Party! Duke Nukem!
		- Tables
 :54	- Giant whiteboard a must
 :56	- Need to be watching Freecycle
		- NFP status comes in handy here
 :59	- Flooring
		- Existing carpet is pretty ragged
		- Garage/lab flooring comes in rolls from Sam's Club
9:00	- Aiming to move in Oct 1st!
 :01	- First things first, getting the NOC up
 		- Can share internet with Brian at first, radio link
		- Would have to get business class service from Brighthouse (per Brian)
 :03	- Opened discussion on meetings, how often do we have them?
		- Weekly so far (see Tuesday Pattern)
		- Keep weekly meeting for informal stuff
		- Monthly all hands meeting for any official business (requiring votes from all)
		- Monthly meeting mid month (to collect dues)
 :06	- Security in the space
		- All members get a key
		- Video cams
		- Homebrew security system a fun first project
		- RFID, USB key?
 :11	- Opened discussion on promoting the space
		- How soon?
		- Everyone bring a friend to the next meeting
		- Some graphics for flyers, website
	- Insurance
		- Liability policy ASAP
		- Property insurance from property management?
		- First aid kit, fire extinguishers, eye protection
		- Waivers, get boilerplate
 :18	- Opened discussion on floor plans
		- Lots of ideas here
		- Define "rooms"?
		- Meeting room
		- Tables for laptops (banquet tables)
		- Media room
		- Running out of room already
		- "Blinkenfloor"?
 :23		- The consensus, we'll figure it out as we go along, that's why we're month to month
 :25	- Open discussion
		- Need more money, bring people
		- Are we sure we don't want to start promoting now?
 :35	- Books-a-million closing soon, meeting adjourned