Minutes 9/21/11

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Meeting Minutes 20 SEP 11

Present: Mike King, Bill, Tony, Dan, Ian, Tom, Zane, Chris, Dave, Aaron, Jeff, John, Ben

8:45PM	- Called to order
		- Bill: Retro Arcade Recap
			- Offical 140, our count 179
			- We are invited back, yet again
			- Offer to use their classrooms
		- State of the Treasury
			- 25 member
			- Ian still working on new bank account, etc.
			- No progress on 501c3
		- Space update
			- Ian talked to the landlord
			- Agreed in principle to allow CNC use
			- Got pricing today on additional space
				- 10x20 for $150
			- Should get a power estimate so we can factor that into rent
				- Internet
			- Chris volunteers
		- Purchases
		- Safety equipment purchase
				- $200
				- Vote: Motion passes
			- SFF PCs to update existing
				- Newegg deal sold out
				- Gather requirements
			- Electronics
				- Consumables: resistors, caps
				- John can donate
				- Bill will put together page
			- Wiki page for each of these
			- Get Dave paid
		- Classes
			- Arduino this month sold out 
			- Class spaces at science center, 3 rooms: smallest holds 15, largest holds 60
			- IdeaLab holding an Arduino class, can we help?
			- Approached about lily pads
				- Cost becomes a concern
				- Make it a mini class? Hold at the lab. Evening
				- Make it bring your own?
				- Date? Week of Oct 10th? Wednesday the 12th?
				- Will pair with Arduino class
				- Dave will drive
			- Dave talked to Sparkfun, we need to become a reseller. Brings tax concerns.  If 501c3 and what we sell is relevant to our charter, can get around tax issues
			- Ian: Young Makers Oct 13th
			- Miniclasses: Reflow (Bill), Bare Arduino (Dan), Circuit Bending, Advanced Arduino	
			- Bring back Micro Monday?  How often? (Mack)
			- Zane: Google Calendar for each venue
			- Arduino class for October should be Halloween themed
				- Oct 15th
				- Ian, Dave, Mack will drive
9:28PM	- Tom: Cardboard Canoe regatta
			- Teams of 4
			- Signup until a week from now
			- Lots of press
			- Seems like there’s lots of interest
			- Tom: Will post more to the list, get it started
		- Back to Classes
			- Tom: Software
			- November 5th is TEDx Orlando
			- November 19th is good, consider the history center? Tentative
			- Soldering class? Free class?  Radio Shack kits
			- December class, eh... lets start gettnig the weeknight classes going
			- Social gathering over the holidays, Decemeberish?
				- White elephant gift exchange?
				- Ian is hosting!
				- Talk to history center
		- Reselling
			- John has some experience with that
			- Dave/Jenni’s Arduinos R Us
			- Mike: Talk to local independent Radio Shack about it?
			- Rob: Have vendor charge sales tax for us?
			- Take offline
9:50PM	- Meeting Adjourned