Minutes 7/19/11

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Meeting Minutes - 19 July 2011

Present: Mack, Ian, Bill, Chris, Mike, Lance,

- Called to order 8:10PM
- New members: Mike!  And he brought friends!
- State of the Treasury
	- 15 members!
	- $690/mo recurring
	- $711.71 in the Paypal account
- Sponsorship
	- 501c3 is doable, check for $500 still out there AFAWK
	- We’re definitely going to do it
	- How soon?
		- Can always go through school factory to receive funds immediately
	- Can’t let it stop us from soliciting donations already
	- Check Noisebridge wiki for details (Mack: send link)
	- Discuss Saturday (23JUL11) at lunch
	- We’re 25% there!  Two classes, one public event under our belts
- Treasurer
	- Need to nominate a new board
	- Needs to be by 9/21/11
	- Need a quorum
	- What is public notice requirement?
	- Lets say tentatively after the August Arduino class
- Arduino class!
	- Tentatively Aug 27th
	- Will make it official after we hear back from Cloudspace
	- Then tell Dave it’s on, update Eventbrite, calendar
- History center event
	- Ian: thanks everyone who showed!
	- May be another event, stay tuned
		- Next time, have a table to greet people, etc.
	- Going to see about getting a letter of thanks from them
- The Space/AC
	- Going to be here for 90 days, we figure
	- Solve the A/C problem in the short term: (Mack: engage property manager)
	- Ian: Work on the pitch
	- Revisit in a bit
- Table Tennis for Two for Brazil
	- They want a full setup, source a scope, etc.
	- Make a PCB/kit for it
	- Customs fees?  Probably cheaper as kits
- Meeting adjourned 9:16PM