Minutes 3/16/10

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Present: Rob, Rodney, Brian, Dan, Mack, Shaun, Billy (new member), Scott, Josh, Ibrahaam
8:06PM	- Meeting called to order
 	- State of the treasury
		- Donating members: Oct: 7, Nov: 7, DecL 9, Jan: 7, Feb: 6
		- Dan making up most of the shortfall
		- March: Dan said on the list things were dire, people contributed, thank you
		- We need extra to cover 501c3 filing
		- That's why we need to move
		- 10, 11 members now?
		- Current space is less than ideal, other spaces for the same or less available
	- Bylaws
		-Will vote on them at next monthly meeting.  In the meantime, contribute
 :13  - Brian: tell us about what's available
		- Two 400 sq ft units available, insulated, a/c. Units 108 or 110.
		- Prop. managment will upgrade a/c unit if necessary
		- 108 is better insulated unit, smaller a/c
		- We can get into the new unit a week early, no charge
		- $30/mo to get a 5x5 storage unit
		- Will share the layout with the list
		- Also checked out 20x40 space, is pretty awesome.
			- We'll have to see if we can afford that
 :22PM		- Vote to move to the new space?
			- Passes unanimously
		- Have to minimize
			- $40 for a dumpster pickup
			- Get rid of all CRTs
			- Brian: I have a source for LCDs on the cheap
		- Cleanup day, wheN?
			- What goes?
			- Tentatively, if we get access to the new space by next monday, start moving stuff next Tuesday's weekly meeting
			- 22nd, have a key, cleanup
			- While were at it, lets get a storage
			- Billy knows a non-profit that takes computer equipment		
			- by next Saturday (the 27th) we get rid of everything
			- Rodney: Suggests divide up the space, stuff goes on one side of the space, other side stays empty, then start putting things in the right place.
			- Mar 26th is the DC407 meetup, have to take that into consideration.
				- We'll play that by ear
		- Activity nights
			- Ruby Wednesday, Rodney will continue to host
			- Micro Monday, need someone to drive that
			- CEH night? Sean started that, will continue it?
			- Rodney, hacdc and micro mondays
				- That was one of the most popular meetings there
				- Started off small, filled up
				- There was at least one expert, taught a class once a month, with a specific goal
				- Promote that night, offer up a kit to build
			- Weekly meetings, less formal, no set agenda
			- Monthly meetings, formal agenda, etc.
			- Shaun would like to host photoshop, 3d class, etc.
:46 		- Propaganda 
			- LinkedIn
		- Servers, internet, etc.
			- HacDC has an intranet server
			- having one box has its advantages
			- we need a VM host
			- Create VPN accoutnts for everyone
:57		- Open the floor for everything: 
			- Billy: live stream
			- Rodney: syndicate everyone's blogs to the familab.org blog
				- He'll take care of that
			- Rodney: Mailing lists
				- Shaun: forums, etc.
				- Rodney: less friction on mailing lists
				- Proposed lists: discuss (public), policy (private, voting members only), internal discussion (private, includes non-voting members)
9:08PM		- Meeting adjourned