Minutes 2/23/10

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Meeting Minutes 23Feb10

Present: Scott, Sean, Tetsu, Brian, Mack, Fishtank, J-Rod, Shaun, Ibraham

8:10PM - Meeting called to order

- Tetsu: Dues were due last week. Get em in, bitches.

- Only $300 in the bank, rent due the 3rd

- Mack: I claim Indy's desk

16 - Plant City and teh D0me

- Tetsu and Co. building a dome, network, etc.

- Incorporation

- Shaun: We need bylaws

- Mack: no shit

- Shaun: But seriously, have a friend who's in law school, could help

- Sean: I'm useless!

- Let's meet up and discuss mission statement, what day?

- Thursday? Saturday?

- We'll arrange over the mailing list

- Weekend of March 6-7

- Communication and Collaboration

- Mailing list

- Announce only mailing list

- Hackerspace business discussion

- "Dick waving" list

- Shaun suggests a forum?

- Maybe for the dick waving part

- Lets change the default "reply-to" to be the mailing list address

- Cross-platform file server

- "Amahi" server

- Put linux on the "NAS" box that Cheshire brought in

- Dan says do it all manually

- Take this offline


- Shaun is going to "take this one by the balls"

- Take it offline

49 - Spores - Mycology lab!

- No illegal ones

- Cool stuff you've done at the lab

- Scott: Ripped apart a circuit board and extracted components!

- Mack: makerBot has made a bunch of progress

- Tetsu: setup the "Door Greeter"

- Reformatted Scotts computer, got ubuntu on there

- Got the NAS up

- March Madness

- Who's participating?

- We need an SVN server, google code group, GitHub

- Take this convo offline

58 - Meeting closed