Minutes 2/21/12

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Monthly Meeting

Present: Dave Woods, Zayd, Dan L., Scott B., Shane, Tim, Graham, Matt A.,
 John S., Mack H., Alex, George Demany, Bob Danforth, John Bent Cope, 
Tom Long, Dave P., Zane, Aaron, Brooks, Jamie, Anthony, Chris

Late: Ted 8:30P, Bill R. 845P,

8:15P    - Meeting called to order
    - State of the Treasury
        - See Google Doc
    - New members (14!)
        - Shane, business owner, TA Labs, consulting, comms evaluation, Confirmed
        - Scott, back in the fold, interested in everything, science, biology photography, Confirmed
        - Tim Fallon, upgraded to Maker, Confirmed
        - Alex Wales, via TEDx, teacher, video production, Confirmed
        - Zayd, Student at UCF in EE, good with math, Confirmed
        - Bob Danforth, friend of Les, 3D CAD, glasswork/ceramics, jewelry, Confirmed
        - Gyorgy Demeny, EE, CS, via Dave/TED, working in webdev (CF), Confirmed
        - Graham, manages help desk, translator, also mobile hacking, carpentry, Confirmed
        - Jamie, via the Geek meetup group, CS, programming languages, Confirmed
    - Upcoming Events in March (Dan L)
        - Intro to Electronics with Matt/John S.
        - Urethane Casting, Dave W.
        - Bus Pirate, Mack
        - Another soft hacking event, Dan, Brooks, Chris
        - Soldering/Arduino
        - Recurring: Open House, Young Makers, Micro Monday, Biohacking, Sunday Code
    - Maker Faire
        - Power Racing

- This Saturday, before Contact Mic workshop

- Call for Makers has been announced

- Idea: Open hardware download site?

    - Ian: Makerships are open and noone has applied

        - Well, two people

    - Any objection to building a power wheels racer? no, passes

- Benches, approx. $275 fronted by Dave woods

    - Can we reimburse Dave? No objections, passes.

- Aaron, Google Docs repository, owned by familab.org, watch the mailing list

- New board members
        - Nominations
            - We’ll accept board member nominations for two weeks (until open house)
            - Vote at next meeting (March)
            - Ian: Should consider someone outside the group
        - Logo contest
            - John: Dot-ocracy
            - Post them on the wall for the next month
            - March Meeting: Vote
        - Proposed: The laser cutter is an essential tool, ergo, if we need 
to order a tube we won’t take a vote on that.
            - Opposed? Noone. Agreed.
930P    - Meeting adjourned