Minutes 2/16/10

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Meeting Minutes 16FEB10

Members present: Tetsu, Fishtank, F1nn, John


Fistank: Do productive things at meetings

- Apathy is contaigous

Tetsu: So is good work ethic

Fishtank: Maybe a one thing rule

- When you come to the space, try to do one new things.

  • As a group, we discussed past digressions, shortcomings and accomplishments.*
  • We should avoid things like vodka night. Alchohol turns the space into a hangout spot, while its intended use is to create new things, new ideas, and new information.*

F1nn: We need more site traffic.

-Search Engine Optimization

-Link building

-labor intensive


-target certain keywords

Discussed John's virus-computer dillema

F1nn: Scott N_(something)_ at the Orlando Sentinel

-was approached at 2600

-possible story on Orlando then-nonexistent hacker community

Group educates John on history of hacking.

Possible use of Full Sail's "Cave"


-MyVu displays

-Sourcing AR HUDs from military surplus stores

F1nn: Possible seminar on Google AdWords in the media room

Discussion of logo

-Currently Fantastic FAMiLab

-possible change

-designy members assemble

-Famicom ~= FAMiLab

-Nintendo logo

Telepresence in Media Room

-use of main-screen

-link cam-streams to server, then aggregate them into one single video out.

Tetsu: File sharing options

F1nn: linux <> pc problems

F1nn: Start a page on the wiki for AdWords Keywords

Tetsu: Dan likes raves

-Lost in Bass

-Dan is a poser (probably why jesus hates him)

Tetsu: File sharing

-IRC server setup

-P2P instant messenger on website

501c Status?

-plus: tax exemption for donations

-minus: having to volunteer

-need to make our causes in teh public interest

-never say the h-word (hacker)

- open-lab hours

F1nn: mentions Indy recommended the Boys and Girls club

BinRev in town

Meeting adjourned @ 9:20