Minutes 2/09/10

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Meeting Minutes 09FEB10

Members present: Brian, Tetsu, Sean, Fishtank, Mack, Jared

8:00 PM - Meeting called to order

- Tetsu: we continue to grow, new members last week

- Sean: No word from his aunt on incorporation, she's sick

- Tetsu: "YMCA model"

- Demographic changes: less "hacker" oriented

- Incorporation, incorporation, incorporation

8:12PM - Access control still our biggest issue

- Keys suck, RFID/magstripes

- Costs?

- "Lightning talks"

- When do we want to start?

- Do we record them?

- Not for now

- When? During the week.

- Movie night

- Basically, some more events to add to the calendar

8:42PM - Move the meeting next week?

- Will be our official Monthly meeting

- Move to Firehouse?

- Motion passes

8:48PM - Meeting adjourned