Minutes 11/15/11

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Meeting Minutes 15NOV11

Present: Mack, Ben, Chris, Mike, Randy, Anthony, William, Tom, Ian, Matt, Aaron, Rob, Lance (via Google) Late: Kyle (8:33P), Dan (8:33P)

8:20P	- Meeting called to order
	- State of the treasury
		- $2500 in the bank, current monthly ~$1200
		- Lost 2 people (Lorelle, Kyle?)
		- Gained 2 (Matt, Kathryn)
		- No classes since last time (so no change in income)
		- No expense reimburse.
		- Anticipate $170 in expenses for upcoming class
	- Liability insurance
		- One quote so far, $1200
		- Seems to be par for the course
		- Ian seeking approval to just pay entire amount up front (Vote)
8:30P		- Vote: Motion passes
	- New space
		- Details in another doc
		- Have a tentative agreement for rent at 50% of our prior month revenue
		- Would be a 1 year lease
		- Need liability insurance
		- He will cover internet, etc., governed by a seperate agreement
		- Seperately metered power
		- A/C are full size, central air type
		- Questions of the night:
			- Do we want to move
			- Is the location OK
			- Do we pursue this further, or say thanks but now thanks (Vote)
		- Vote: Motion passes
		- New lease, how do we handle it: board takes care of things; or solicit constant feedback from the group until we have something?
			- Sounds like the group wants the board to work out lease terms, then present for a yea/nay vote
			- The board will work out a lease, send to member’s personal addresses, allow for a 48 hour comment period, then yea/nay? (Vote)
			- Vote: Motion passes
9:16P	- Holiday party
		- Matt: His community has a clubhouse, available for rental ($175 rental, $150(?) deposit)
		- In Lake Mary/Sanford near Kohl’s on Rinehart
		- Other option: New space
		- Date? Dec 10, 17
		- Sounds like Dec 10th is best
		- Plan A: New Space, Plan B: Matt’s clubhouse (he will enquire)
		- Resolved: No kids
	- Upcoming Events
		- Soldering this saturday (help pls)
		- Jess from Parallex (Dec 19th)
		- Etextile workshop (week of Dec 19th) - TBD
9:32P	- Meeting adjourned