Minutes 10/20/09

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Meeting Minutes

20 OCT 09

Present: Eddie, Jody, Brian, Chesire, Indy, Tetsu, Kevin, Fishtank

8:25	- Meeting called to order
 :26	- Read minutes from last meeting
 :32	- Tetsu takes dues
 :37	- Money has been collected
 	- Mack, Indy, Daniel want to be astronauts
	- Incorporation
		- Jody thinks we can do it ourselves
		- File with sunbiz
		- Need responsible parties
		- Need a mission statement (this writes itself)
			- Chesire wants to close the digital divide
		- Money, minimal
		- Destroy all WebTVs (what?)
 :41	- Non-profit
		- Fees are high, approx $3K
		- Will need board of directors by then
		- Brian's guy has expertise
		- Rejection rate is 60% higher for self filers, brian's guy should help here?
		- Need a lawyer to give the final OK
 :43	- back to incorporation, we need bylaws
		- check hackerspaces.org
		- can amend them at a later date
		- PS:One has good set, simple
		- Work on it over the mailing list, werd
 :45	- meet at cold stone
		- all in favor
		- next week, WPV 27Oct09
		- 601 N Orlando Ave, Winter Park FL
 :46	- Back to incorporation, whats requires to incorporate
		- Pres, VP, Sec, Treas
		- Non profit needs to have external people on board for oversight
		- cross that bridge when we get to it
 :47	- Mike shows up, hi Mike!
 :48	- Vending machines, UPS
		- Need to pick those up
 :51	- Tetsu: We need a board
		- Mack nominates Tetsu for treasurer
			- Motion passes
		- Indy nominates Mack for Secretary
			- Motion passes
		- We all nominate Indy for Pres
			- Motion passes
		- Daniel nominates Josh for VP
			- Can't put "Minister of Propoganda" on the mission statement
			- Motion passes
		- Move forward on incorp from here
			- Jody will get the ball rolling
		- Mailing address for BoD
			- Get those to someone
9:00	- Insurance
		- Jody needs the lease
		- Tetsu will scan and send to Jody
 :01	- Anthony: we need to check books out
		- Need a checkout system
	- bookcases raises the question of how we're going to fill out the space...
	- Brian wondering about server room
		- Dictated by rack, UPS
	- Chesire has a buddy in Cocoa with a server
		- Going to email Eddie with details to pick up, possibly
 :04	- Middle room
		- need to build a bench in here, too
		- move Dan's shelf/desk system?
	- Media room
	- Server room, shelf in there?
		- Will take offline
 :06	- Asterisk setup for conf calls, etc.
		- Lots of interest here
		- Conference in with Skype?
	- Fundraising efforts
		- MAKE mags, whats necessary to sell
		- Eddie: we need an email address for contact
			- labmaster@familab.org
		- Vending machines
			- need to pick these up
		- LAN party
			- NEed to clean up
			- Power strips, finish punching down networking
			- Need network 
			- "suggested donation"
			- Need advertisement
		- Parts swap
			- Ham radio tailgate makes money by charging for parking, refreshments
		- Halloween party probably a no go
		- Teaching class, will have to wait
			- We have some labs planned
		- Jody: raised a lot doing breast cancer walks
			- Set in bar environ, so easier
			- have to find a crowd that's amicable
		- Diagnosis day
			- Liability concerns?
			- Other grousp do this to
			- look into renting additional space if necessary
			- Repurpose some of the spare hardware we have? Linux?
		- Rodney: HacDC ran into this, ofc
			- Decided to fix up the space so they could host events
			- Draw more people, more event follow
			- Positive feedback loop
			- Networking
			- Go to other groups gatherings?
			- Clearly, cleaning up, organizing is our top priority
				- Plastic bins
	- Ok, storage is going to be a big deal
		- Identify storage areas
		- Throw anything out, yet?
		- Moar benches
 :20		- Get a storage unit? AWESOME IDEA
			- Brian: $29 5x5', will get more pricing
		- Clear plastic bins from target, shoebox size
		- Target, Ikea, Harbor Freight, Big Lots
		- Kevin has a microwave
 :24	- Calender
	- Raises the issue of a productivity, collaborative environ
		- Google Apps it is
		- Microsoft version of this?  Worth looking into
		- Set up DNS < Mack
 :26	- Rodney: Wants everyone to come in on a weekend, some date in the future
		- Make a list of supplies for what we need to bring in
		- Basically get everyone here at the same time
		- We'll set a date, discuss on mailing list		
	- Indy: ask on freecycle for containers
	- Brian: figure out shelves before getting bins
 :29	- Ham radio class: Sunday 1PM
		- Chesire talked to some hams
		- Still needs to hear back from them on materials, etc.
		- Find free-as-in-beer
		- Will update over the mailing list
		- CONTACT n4scy@amsat.org
 :32	- Meeting adjourned