Minutes 10/18/11

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Meeting Minutes 18OCT11

Present: Mack, Ian, Aaron, Bill, Tom Long, Mike King, Anthony

New Guy: Matt

8:05PM	- Meeting called to order
		- Ian: State of the Treasury
			- New bank account active
			- Currently $1859 in bank
				- Less upcoming rent $452
				- We now have 28 recurring Paypal subscriptions (+3 since last meeting)
			- Didn’t sell out Arduino class =(
				- Did have one member sign up as a member, then class (wewt)
				- net $80
			- Reimbursements
				- Mack: Corp filing, registered agent, PO Box
				- Ian: Lockers, blower, bank
				- Mike: safety equipment
				- Dave: Arduino kits
					- 4 left in inventory
					- couple of minty boosts
			- Insurance, waiting on quotes
			- Accepted a Grizzly mini-lathe, a pan/box brake, and a benchtop mill
				- Offered membership to donating member for 1 year
		- David Woods space
			- We have an offer (verbal) of subsidized space (4k sq. ft.)
			- Still working on pinning down details
			- Need insurance
			- Ian continuing to pursue
		- Bill: Ryan Price of Urban Rethink contacted us: Winter Garden doing some sort of startup incubator
			- Gave preliminary approval to Ryan to pitch a hackerspace on our behalf
		- Matt (new guy): Introduction
			- We (FamiLAB) are hard to find. He first found us through Techshop
			- “Hackerspace” doesnt have as much reach. Techshop, “hobby shop”, fab lab
			- No link to wiki on web page, no link on wiki to blog
		- Privacy of memberlist
			- Mack: Seeking input
		- Decided: List available to members
		- Johnny Diggz of Geeks Without Bounds  wants to come talk to us at open house
			- Resolved: OK
		- Holiday Party
			- Ian got the approval
			- Either Ian’s house or rent a place
		- Give Camp
			- This weekend (10/22)
		- Classes
			- Micro Monday was a resounding success, will update posts
			- Matt: Can drive analog audio classes
			- Ian: Two concepts 1) Outreach/revenue classes, 2) smaller workshops
				- 1) needs to be planned way in advance
			- Ian: Seperate kids soldering class from other classes
			- November: Class 11/19
				- Soldering, Xmasduino, Intermediate Arduino 
				- Available: Aaron, Mack, Zane
			- Matt: Interest in a software class? .Net
		- Tony: Forums? no.
		- Book scanner project
			- Is there interest?  Seems like it
			- Need to get together a cost
			- Aaron can drive initially?
		- Bill: Dave asked him to inquire about a quadcopter project
			- Satisifies two goals: group project, and quadcopters-are-rad
			- Reach out to Dan B.
9:50PM	- Meeting adjourned