Minutes 10/18/10

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Monthly Meeting 19OCT10

- State of the Treasury
- State of the laser cutter buy
- Dues, at the right level (vote)
- Security at the space, what are people comfortable with? (possible vote)
- Events: DC407, iPhone Dev Day, uMonday

Present: f00bard, tetsu, tC, thef1nn, deezNodes, Pat, QC, Christian

9:15PM	- Called to order
	- State of the treasury: $260
	- State of the laser cutter
	  - Still waiting for Paypal to go through, hopefully this week
	  - Laser ordered, getting DSP controller for free, will purchase Mach3 soon
	- Lowering Dues?
	  - Mack: Suggestion to lower dues to $40/20 (full/student)
	  - Dan: Get Paypal going first before holding a vote on this
	  - Bare minimum income is $400
	  - Recurring membership is ideal
	  - Mack: I'll get Paypal going this week, buttons on the site
	  - Joe: We need more transparency in finances
	    - Post who donates on the site? privacy concerns
	    - tC: maybe just post current state of finances
	    - Mack: Just keep track of who is current on membership
	    - Shaun: We need people to sign membership forms
	      - Tetsu: Let's put getting these filled out on next month's agenda
	- Shaun: Google Ads again
	  - Tetsu: Look up desirable terms tonight
	- Security at the lab
	  - Laser cutter, other pricy equipment raises concerns
	  - tC: flyers, how much info to put?
	  - Mack: Video surveillance is clearly necessary, what are people comfortable with?
	    - Cameras outside the space are cool
	      - Automatic license plate recognition
	    - Dan wants to be able to pick his nose in the lab
	    - Cameras in the lab should be "opt-in", able to turned off
	  - Clearly we need insurance too
	  - RFID entry, get rid of keys
	- Events upcoming!
	  - Shaun: record stuff
	    - Joe, QC have cameras and tripods
	  - DC407: Last friday of each month, Oct 29 @ Cloudspace
	  - iPhone Dev Day! Rodney teaching.  Tentative Dec 4 or 5
	  - uMondays
	    - More structured classes
	- For the n00bs: Mailing lists
	  - Announce
	  - Discuss
10:02PM	- Meeting adjourned