Minutes 10/14/09

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Meeting Minutes

13 OCT 09

Present: tetsu, fishtank, Brian, Eddie, Indy, Mack, Rodney (late)

8:23PM	- Meeting called to order
	- Indy presents meeting agenda, 5 pages, Jesus!
	- OK, 4 pages, the last one is a waiver
 :27	- Do we allow people to sleep here?
		- Consensus, yea, no problem
 :28	- Per agenda: Incorporate
	- Cost: $100
	- Jody!!
	- Need board of directors, first
	- Brians says an LLC has more protection? ask a lawyer
		- S Corp according to the fed
		- Can't pierce the corporate veil
		- Need a lawyer, accountant, duh
 	- Wait until Jan to incorporate to raise funds
 :36	- Next meeting we can vote the board of directors/officers
		- Need people to bootstrap
 	- Non-profit status brings certain requirements, need to find out more
	- Oct 20 meeting agenda
		- Collect dues
		- Vote on officers
		- We need people to run things, otherwise we're all representatives of Familab, independent operators
		- Roles
			- Booty keeper, Minister of Finance
			- Secretary, keep meeting notes
			- Minister of Propoganda, communications and marketing
			- Meeting leader, Sargeant at Arms, Bouncer
			- Project Manager, calendar?
 :44	- Brian tells a funny story, breakdancing Hitler
 :45	- Dan still on the marketing tip, we need two people
 :48	- Bylaws, work on them after the meeting
 :49	- The books
		- No money in the bank
	- Will we be able to bring in enough members?
	- Need 19 @ $50 to cover Rent, acct, liability, ISP
	- Fee structure, tiered, other?	
		- Students	
			- We need to charge _something_, gives a sense of ownership
			- $20/mo reasonable
		- Others: $50/mo
		- Facility fees for guests: $5 or any donation
 :56	- Fundraising
		- Bake sale (hah)
		- MAKE magazine
			- Get our friends to renew thru us
		- Vending machines
			- Someone has to stock machine
		- LAN party, how to make money? 5 bucks a head?
			- Competition with prizes
		- Parts swap
		- 50/50 raffle
		- Halloween party
		- New position/role: fundraising
		- People can donate skills, do jobs for the space, Brian (networks etc.) can be the front man
		- Teach classes to seniors, etc., for donations
9:09PM	- New Member: Rodney!  Moved here from DC
	- Talking about HacDC
 :16	- Fundraising: getting grants? that's how HacDC started
		- Got Grant money
		- initial investors put up $600 each
		- Sink or swim: signed 6 mo. lease
 :26PM	- Eddie and Rodney still talking
	- Rest of us continue the meeting
	- Getting money in the bank, how much?
		- 3 months ideal
		- Dues higher than normal for now
		- Indy wants to be a freegan
		- Free money from the govt?
 :30	- Tangent: Brian wants a distro/appliance for web filtering we can sell
 :35	- Bathroom break
 :38	- Liability issues
		- Need a quote
		- Jody! again
	- Property insurance - cheap, get it, through prop management?
	- Personal injury, liability, get it, Jody should get a quote
	- Waivers!
		- Borrowed from other hackerspaces
		- Call a lawyer to have em look it over
		- Everyone needs to sign one coming in
	- Under 18 members?
		- Worry about it when it happens?
		- If we can ask a lawyer before then, find out
		- Iron clad waiver signed by their parents
 :45	- Security issues
	- We have important stuff here
	- Get locksmith to fix locks
	- Fishtank raises new issue: contact phone number
		- Whoever creates an event handles that
		- Google voice mailbox?
		- VoIP, bitches!
	- RFID security, Brian has a lead, will get numbers
	- Nonmembers cant be here without members?
		- We agree
	- For that matter, what info do we have to have on members?
		- name, mailing address, phone number
		- is that a worry?
		- liability reasons? 
		- what info would we need to sue them?	
			- find out more from lawyer
 :52	- Rodney filling us in on how HacDC does it
		- Issues with identity...
			- Since they are a nonprofit, law requires that if you are a voting member, keep a log of name, address (possibyl hackerspace address)... doesnt have to be verified
			- If someone doesnt want to be identified, they can just be a "number", just has to be logged
			- We need to find out legal requirements for a non-profit in FL
 :59	- New role: someone to do inventory, etc.
10:00PM - Posted Rules
		- No sleeping?
			- Can crash out.  No living here.
		- No stinky leftovers in the fridge
		- Take a soda?
			- Hopefully have a vending machine
		- Smelly stuff
			- need a carbon air filter
10:04		- No illicit drugs
		- No Fuckin'
		- We should recycle
		- Garbage duty, figure it out
		- Pest control? Maybe get some pesticides
		- New rule: clean up after yourself
10:09		- Fixed responsibilities for certain things? We'll figure it out
		- Raise issues at the meeting
10:13	- Calendar
		- what can people offer?
		- Lets use this damn space!
	- Blog
		- Give "members" account on blog
		- You get members contributing stuff on the blog
		- Self-perpetuating
		- Good idea Rodney!
10:19	- Back to calendar
		- Open house! Also from Rodney
			- Word of mouth
			- Hammer out liability issues before we do this
			- Indy wrote down: early to mid-November?
				- WOrkshops can be sooner
				- Consider holidays...
			- Lets get some infrastructure set up
			- January at the latest, will revisit in the future
		- Music lab!
			- Popularize it, advertise
			- 6 PM on Friday
10:30		- Indy mentioned Florida Creative
			- They run "dandelion cafe"
			- "Makers"
			- Network with them
			- Stardust cafe
		- Events outside the space?
			- Ham meets per Chesire
			- Non-hacking related?
10:35	- Construction stuff
		- Bench, ASAP
		- Get some people in for the "soft" stuff
		- Build out Indy's artspiece
		- A/V closet
	- Dumpster diving day (legal?)
10:37	- Eddie in a hurry all of a sudden
	- what can we get done this weekend?
		- Brian committed to building half the bench
		- Indy committed to building her artspeice
		- Rip out old cabinets?
		- Brian committed to board for 110 panel
	- FAMiLab iphone app! to get streaming webcam
		- Maybe just upload an image every _x_ seconds
10:43	- Random stuff on Indy's agenda
		- Stuff this weekened
		- Website
		- Dogs will be allowed
		- Polaroid
		- Bringing in more members
		- More website
		- Better directions
  :55	- Meeting adjourned