Minutes 1/19/10

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Meeting Minutes 19JAN10

8:21PM - Meeting called to order. In attendence: Mike, Sean, Indy, Fishtank, Devon, Tetsu, Brian

- Indy: Open House! Sean said later this month... Not going to happen

- Sean: Cleaning, set a time/date. But how do we get people here for that?

- Sean: meetings in a public space? (He's still harping on this). Attack the Social Media.

- Devolves into bickering

- Indy takes a call

- Barnes and Nobles at the mall?

- Give turbo talks in public

- Security....

8:35PM - Sean and Devon have been talking this over, volunteer for the Recruitment positions

- Mack: Can we get incorporated before bringing in more people

- Sean's aunt will answer any questions we have

- Indy: set up a meeting

- Mack: online?

- Lets decide on the open house after we've gotten some answers from Sean's aunt

- What are the questions?

- We want to be a full 501c3, so, how do we get there? As we understand it, we need to incorporate in the State of Florida firs,t then apply for federal 501c3 not for profit status

- Florida needs to know if we're filing as for profit or not-for-profit. What are the consequences of either?

- Brian: fuck it, just ask her what we do?

- Realistically, what charitable, scientific, or educational stuff do we have to do, and how much per year?

- Educational: give talks on security, etc. (we need legal counsel)

- Charitable: Take computers from businesses, clean them, give them to poor familes

- Scientific: advance the sciences? (difficult)

9:00PM - Dan calls a smoke break

10:25PM - Still at smoke break....