Minutes 03/20/12

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Monthly Meeting 20 March 2012

Present: Dan L., Graham, Bob Cannizaro, Mike King, Bill Riggins, John Soucy,
John Bent Cope, Ian Cole, Scott, Jamie, Matt Armstrong, Zane, Zayd, Shane,
Bob Danforth, Mack, David Woods

8:10P    - Meeting called to order
    - Financial Summary from Ian
        - $4139 in the bank
            - Includes $500 for power racing
        - 62 members, $2180/month
        - 6 new members
        - Power bill lower than ever, thanks everyone
        - Rent notched up to $958
        - Now have 3 months of expenses in the bank
    - New Members
        - Jamie (confirmed last month)
        - David Pflug (upgraded to Maker, not here)
        - Wendell (father/mentor from Lyman FIRST team, not here)
        - Thomas MacDonald (train guy, not here)
        - Bob Cannizzaro (rebuilds business plotters, makes pinhole cameras)
    - Logos
        - JBC already created a poll on the forum
        - Through the end of the month
    - Forums
        - Forums are there: http://forums.familab.org
        - Mailing lists will stay up for the time being. Might retire lesser used lists.
    - Volunteers
        - We’ve identified 4 areas we need help in immediately: education, diplomacy, propaganda, technology
        - Taking volunteers after the meeting
    - Forms
        - We have forms!
        - Mostly want to share them with everyone
        - Will ratify them soon
    - Inspection
        - Gotta get it done soon
    - Orlando Mini Maker Faire Update
        - Visit the website!  New content, new makers, etc.
        - Venue moved!  Now at the CFL Fairgrounds
            - Lots of A/C space
            - Large area for power racing
                - John will be running contest
                - Still need someone to drive the FamiLAB team
        - Need help with awareness on social media, etc.
            - Postcards on the way! 5000 coming
        - FamiLAB afterparty!
8:58P    - Meeting adjourned