Metal Shop

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Metal Shop

Nick Polanosky


In the warehouse, rear left section of the shop. Accessible via Laptop Bar or via Wood Shop

* Machine Shop 101 (Monthly)
* Machine Shop 102 (Planned)
* HAAS CNC Mill (Planned)

Intro: The metal shop allows people to create a wide range of items and work on projects using various tools and equipment specialized for metal working.

Equipment List

  • CAD/CAM Software - Software used for designing parts and programming CNC machinery
  • HAAS VF-1 CNC Mill - 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine. Training Required
  • Manual Lathes and Mills - Machine Shop 101 attendance required before use.
  • Enco 100-1588 Manual Knee Mill - Machine Shop 101 attendance required before use.
  • Sandblaster - Great for stripping paint, rust, and other coatings off of metal.
  • Drill Presses - For drilling holes, no training required. Clamp your work plz.
  • Bandsaws - For breaking down stock and other cutoff tasks. Please contact @npolanosky or other experienced metal shoppers for instruction
  • Hydraulic Press - For squishing things, pressing bearings into place, unsticking things, and general shenanigans. Contact @cualer or @npolanosky for training.
  • Grinders - For grinding ferrous metals ONLY. Training not mandatory, but I recommend watching the videos linked in Machine Shop Training Videos and WEAR SAFETY GLASSES.

Community Tools

Stock Rack

The stock rack is in the back left corner of the machine shop. The top shelf is for large pieces of stock, the middle shelf has smaller pieces of aluminum and steel organized into bins, and the bottom has sheet stock and plastics. There are also vertical racks to the right for particularly long pieces of stock. Anything here without a name on it is fair game for use, but please contribute to it as well- If you take a piece, please leave equivalent-ish stock next time you have some scrap.

If you have something that does not fit in your bin that you would like to store there but retain ownership of, please put your name on it in multiple places. Make sure it is clean of oil and debris before doing this, cutting fluids do a great job of dissolving sharpie.

Last but not least, if it is not something standard (1018 or A36 steel, 6061 aluminum) please label it. For example, if I go to cut some "mild steel" and it is actually 4140, I'm going to (a) have a bad time and (b) use a MUCH more expensive material than I intended. Stainless, superalloys, tool steel, aerospace grade aluminum (2024/7075/etc) are all included in this, among others.




Etiquette; How not do be a dick