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Storage Bins


As part of your membership, every member gets a bin to store some of their make stuffs at the lab. The shelves where the bins are stored are in the center of the warehouse.
Please only use the provided storage bins (Home Depot Part Number #121521HD made by GSC) so they store and stack neatly.
Membership Level 1 - Maker: $50 a month permits you one FamiLAB provided bin.
Membership Level 2 - Booster: $100 a month permits you two FamiLAB provided bins.
The bins are yours to keep, feel free to decorate them any way you would like. You can take them home with you or leave them at the lab.


  1. DO NOT go through other people's bins. The contents of the bins are personal property of the member that owns the bin.
  2. Find an empty spot for your bin, don't make one. Moving other bins around to make room for your own can confuse other member into thinking their items were lost or stolen.

Storage Rack

This rack is for storage of member bins ONLY. Please do not store anything else here, we have other places for that. Your member bin can go on either the side facing the aisle or the side facing the woodshop, and each row is set up to handle stacking two bins high. Memberstoragerack.jpg