Meeting 1/19/2021

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FamiLAB Membership Meeting Agenda 1/19/2021

Welcome & Call to Order

  • Set up recording for meeting
  • Ask if there are any objections to being recorded (hangouts on the air)
  • Get link to channel for people to join
  • Start taking minutes in document – shared to view

Meeting Topics

  • Financial update
  • $ 20 or so Donation box
  • Membership changes +0/-0
  • 117 (including family and special cases)
  • Prospective members
  • We need the help of the membership when it comes to allowing prospective members to utilize the space. Please, if you are willing/able to, help us grow our community!
  • We would like to set up virtual events
  • Game nights
  • Virtual Make Nights/Show and Tell
  • Maker Competitions
  • Annual Meeting
  • Virtual via Meet
  • March ??
  • Potential dates: 3/20, 3/27
  • Expected length ~1.5hr
  • Wiki Wednesdays
  • Who’s in?
  • Needs a revamp. Static pages (Bylaws, Articles of Incorp., etc) move off wiki to pages on the website
  • Need to up our social media presence
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter - BZWingzero, is awesome

Open for discussions

Any member that wants to discuss items will be asked at this time.

Show and Tell? What have y’all been up to?

Upcoming Events - Virtual as available

  • Next board meeting February 9th 8:00pm - Virtual
  • Next Member Meeting February 16th 8:00pm - Virtual
  • FamiLAB Annual Meeting To be determined

Recurring Events - All Cancelled

For the foreseeable future

Awesome Box

Referring Member Awesome Member Awesome
LillieTurtle Nick P Website stuff
LillieTurtle Katie P Website stuff
Dave Woods Lilith For being an awesome landlord!
LillieTurtle Blackhart For scaring new peeps with murder doll!
LillieTurtle Blackhart For Virtual Open House

New Members

Remind people introducing to e-mail about a temporary badges (ONLY AFTER THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION).

To introduce:

  • Gerardo Morales
  • David Tomkins

Process completed:

Reminder to new members who completed the process: You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete your membership, in addition, you have all been sent our membership agreement via JotForm. In order to complete your membership registration, you must view and sign the agreement. Contact if you have questions.