Meeting 07-09-2019

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FamiLAB Board Meeting Agenda 07/09/2019

Take attendance:

  • Dave Smith, Chris LaMaire, Michelle Lillie, Lilly Specht, Matt Luby, Dan Boroughs

Trello review

  • We need an intake form/process for incoming equipment
  • Teaching Agreements will be re-written, reviewed, re-signed
  • Begin regular review process
  • Ops will assist
  • AC Ducting needs labor and organized time, but supplies are in house
  • Dave has parts, will address when time is available
  • Member Mgmt Backend: Investigate Wild Apricot software when time to test free trial is available
  • Bring it up before the membership - request financial assistance (+$5/month from 10-15 members covers it)
  • Action: Create a “Thank you for taking a class at FamiLAB!(please support us)” slide
  • In progress
  • Open Make Days -> on calendar

Recurring Business:

  • Financial status
  • MFO
  • Soldering - would benefit FamiLAB to fully operate Soldering; unsure about volunteer situation
  • Need to come up with custom board
  • Not only our logo
  • Broadly applicable for multiple events
  • Idea: lake eola fountain if not restricted IP (simple board)
  • Idea: NASA/space related?

Previous Business

  • Quarterly Cleanup (attempt)
  • Only a handful of members in attendance
  • Regular attention needed even with better attendance; may require higher frequency initially
  • Lathe Discussion

New Business

  • Shared Parking Diplomacy
  • Action: announce in #announcements

Set next meeting date and send calendar invite

  • Tuesday August 13th 8pm