Meeting 06-21-2016

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FamiLAB Membership Meeting Agenda 06/21/2016

Welcome & Call to Order

  • Move tables out and Arrange Room
  • Set up recording for meeting
  • Ask if there are any objections to being recorded (hangouts on the air)
  • Get link to channel for people to join
  • Start taking minutes in document – shared to view

Upcoming Events

  • Events are on the calendar on the home page. Also listed in #events_and_classes
  • Does anybody want to talk about their events?
  • National week of making!
  • Happy lab birthday! Check - Lab turns 7 years old, hurray!

New Members

  • Introductions for those who want to join
  • Scott Willoughby (and his son, Andrew!)
  • (Sage) Jamie Joyce
  • Joe Gravelle
  • Adam Remington
  • Glen Brown
  • (Sage) Jamie Joyce
  • Megan North
  • Dave Smith
  • Nick Polanosky
  • Ted Kliszezewicz
  • Nick Polanosky
  • Ted Wahrburg
  • Madison Adams
  • Ted Wahrburg
  • Glen Brown (Lloyd)
  • Ryan Hollander
  • Ignacio Galarza
  • Lance Hudson
  • Ed Ratanun
  • TBD - no paperwork yet
  • Anonymous voting for those who turned in paperwork last month
  • James Beadsworth
  • Lance Hudson
  • Mike King


  • Thank membership for input on camera policy
  • Ask: small arcade cabinet in lobby
  • Discuss Item Requests – Donation requests alongside crowd-funding strategy
  • Mention Cleaning House
  • AC usage: please donate


Free for All (Discussion of relevant topics)

Rick’s adventure time with Morty.

// Show and Tell //

// Who did awesome things //