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This page is a resource for videos and descriptions of all common operations, procedures, and tasks in the machine shop and should be the first place you come when you're about to ask @npolanosky "How do I...". I love helping, but there are lots of people at the lab and only one (very busy) me. So I'll try and compile some info here so you can help yourself!

Machinery's Handbook

All of the information you need for the machine shop- If you need a written reference instead of videos or searching endlessly on the internet, this is the place to go. Machining, welding, tooling, material properties, thread information, various standards for a multitude of processes, fasteners, and other thing.

Where to start?

So you're new to machining and don't know aluminum from carbide? No problem! Start out by signing up for the next Machine Shop 101 class at the FamiLAB! These are typically held monthly, so check the calendar on the right side of the website for the next one and sign up at Eventbrite. Next, join us on Slack in the #metalworking channel so you can ask any questions you have.

Once you're through the class, or if you want to get a head start on your machining journey and learn some before the class, check out the links below. Here's a list of some of the best videos, channels, and literature on machining. Learn everything you can, and go make cool stuff!!

Beginner Videos

Mill Basics Playlist

Essential Skills: If you need an MS101 refresher, see above.

Lathe Basics Playlist

Essential Skills: If you need an MS101 refresher, see above.

Open Source Machine Tools

Favorite Channels


Autodesk Fusion 360



NYC CNC (youtube): Fusion 360, CAD/CAM, general machine shop goodness


Edge Precision


Titans of CNC


Manual Machining

Abom79: Works on REALLY big stuff. Super interesting to watch how he approaches large scale problems.

Joe Pieczynski

Precision Machining

Clickspring: Austrailian dude with mad manual machining skills, can make anything with a file. Built an AMAZING clock by hand, now working on an incredible replica of the antikythera mechanism

OxTools: Master toolmaker, knows his stuff. Will satisfy your OCD. Has forgotten more than we will ever know.

Robin Renzetti: Same idea as OxTools, toolmaker with incredible attention to detail. Definitely measures to like 5 more decimal places than I do.

Stefan Gotteswinter: Toolmaking and general ludicrousness. German, so of course everything must be perfect.

A little bit of everything

AvE: Terrible machinist, crazy canadian, entertaining as frig

This Old Tony




John Grimsmo



Grinding HSS Single Point Tools

Carbide Tooling

Quick Change Toolposts and How to Make Them

Grinding Lathe Tools Part 1

Grinding Lathe Tools Part 2

Carbide Insert Tooling

Carbide Vs HSS Tooling

Drill Press





Air Compressor