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WATCH THESE FIRST These videos are a comprehensive overview of the operation of nearly all of the equipment in the shop. They are no substitute for hands-on experience with an instructor, but are an excellent supplement that go into more detail than I can in the Machine Shop 101 class.

NYC CNC CAD, CAM, CNC Machining, and running a small business.

Grimsmo Knives Making badass knives with CNC machining

Tactical Keychains

Adam Booth's Machine shop Making HUGE parts on a regular basis

Tom's Techniques

Keith Fenner

AvE Crazy canadian who does some neat stuff.

Clickspring Some excellent work in brass, specializing in clockmaking and other small-scale metalwork.

Halligan142 Excellent lathe tutorials, among other bits of shop knowledge.

Tubalcain He knows everything.

ProjectsInMetal Some neat projects to build.