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Temporary location for this information:

Suggestions for "New Member Orientation Class"

This is strictly just a rough draft of a list of general topic suggestions for the class. Please feel free to leave some out of the actual class. This is just a list of things I thought might be useful.

-> I might change this list as I give it more thought.

New Member orientation:

  • Our lab community and membership. (Sense of community and an opportunity to build friendships)
  1. Participate in lab events and classes.
  2. Come to the lab to just be a part of the community. Many people come to the lab to socialize.
  • Important: Door Access and safety - NFC/ID card and the breakaway lanyard
  1. Always be in possession of your ID card.
  2. Report any lost or stolen card to a board member.
  3. If your ID is worn around your neck, always use a breakaway lanyard for safety reasons.
  • Suggested classes and events to attend for lab safety, fun and education:
  1. Open House events
  2. Monthly member meetings
  3. Machine shop 101 (important) (Fee required)
  4. Laser class 101 (important) (Free class)
  5. Look for other classes and events on the calendar (https://familab.org/calendar/)
  • Environment safety, responsibility, and use & conservation of resources:
  1. Lights (How to control them and when to turn them off)
  2. Climate control - Lab zones (How to set the thermostat and when/how to turn them off)
  3. Broken Equipment - The importance of reporting broken equipment so it can be fixed.
  4. Paper towels, drinking cups and other disposable materials. Report them if they're running low.
  5. Garbage (Please empty the cans and putting new bags in when they're full)
  6. Recycle Aluminum Cans - Can crusher and can bin
  7. Restroom cleanliness
  8. Absolutely no smoking (cigarettes, cigars) inside the lab at all. There is a cigarette disposal bucket outside of the front door at the base of the stairs.
  9. Doors (keep closed and locked unless in use)
    1. Front door, needs to closed all the way.
    2. Bay Door, make sure the bottom slide locks are slid all the way closed.
    3. Side door, make sure it's securely closed not just appearing to be closed.
  • Personal safety (warehouse, metal shop and other lab zones) (List each zone, it's function and how to use tools safely):
  1. Eyeware (safety glasses for most warehouse areas or welding helmet if welding)
  2. Ear protection (where applicable)
  3. Clothing (fire resistance if using welding equipment)
  4. Gloves (if necessary)
  5. (Possible topic: avoid drama, use common sense, etc. especially if new)
  • Responsibilities and benefits as a member:
  1. Leaving/removing personal food in the fridges. Do not leave food in fridges too long.
  2. Membership levels and what each level offers. Pay member dues on time if it's not automatic.
  3. Monitoring guests and provisional members.
  4. Be aware of current lab policies.
  • Lab Communication and information:
  1. Using "Slack" for communication ( https://familab.slack.com/) (If not already on Slack get involved and use team name: FamiLAB)
  2. Use the FamiLAB calendar (https://familab.org/calendar/)
  3. Use the FamiLAB forums (https://forums.familab.org/)
  4. FamiLAB Wiki use and contributions (https://familab.org/wiki/FamiLAB)
  5. Using WiFi and our password (also mention wired internet)
  • Who are the current board members and what do they do.
  • Who are the POCs for each zone, tool responsibility
    • (Optional: Additionally who are project leaders and instructors for recurring classes and events)
  • Personal project storage: FamiLAB provided personal Bins
  1. Level #1 $50: "Maker" members may use 1 bin
  2. Level #2 $100: "Booster" members may use 2 bins (subject to availability)