Leather Area

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Metal Shop



In the warehouse, outside of the classroom next to the side door.

To be anounced
The leather area is still under development. More information will be coming soon.


  • Knives
  • Mallets
  • Maul
  • Edge Bevelers
  • Hole Punches
  • Button Punches
  • Letter and Number Stamps

From Fuzzy (The point of contact):

I created the leather crafting area because crafting with leather is fun and exiting. But it can also become very expensive with just purchasing the tools and accessories alone. That was something I struggled with when I got started. So the area was created with the idea of it being stocked with tools and accessories so people good get into the joy of making items out of leather without the initial cost. The area is also furnished with some pieces of Leather and hardware or lab use as well as dues and paints. I just ask that people take care of the tools as if they were their own. Also if anyone is interested and does not know where to start, I am a phone call away and can assist and teach in helping members make items that interest them. It is still in the rough stages and needs more organization. So please be patient.
The tools available, we have knives, mallets and a maul. We have construction tools like edge bevelers, hole punches, button punches, and tools to pinch holes for stitching, and much more. As far as decorating we have many stamps as well as lettered and numbers.