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The Laptop Bar is named for its design that accommodates members and their laptops or other smaller projects. There is an ample amount of power outlets for everyone in need. There is also a large TV mounted on the wall that members can use to just veg out on TV or connect to their mobile devices.

This area also incorporates the kitchen area where members can store their food and drink stuffs. There is a Keurig for coffee and a vending machine stocked with various energy drinks and sodas.

Have a seat, pull up your laptop, caffeinate, and make!

Keep It Clean, Keep It Safe

Please be courteous to others that are using this space and clean up after yourself. FamiLAB is a member-run space so, like all other areas, if you see something that needs to be cleaned (garbage overflowing, counters need wiped down, etc.), please contribute to the lab by helping to keep it clean.

Stuff Missing or Broken?

Reach out to a board member or join #broken in Slack and post as normal.


The bookcase contains a variety of books, magazines, and games.