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The lab has many tools available in it; that is one mark of a good hackerspace. Tools enable people to create, repair, and learn. Some of our tools are quite expensive, or they are specialized such that most people do not own one. They are here to help people create things and bring ideas to life, where they may not have been able to without these tools. The advantage of having them in a group is to lower the cost, and allow greater numbers of people access to these shared tools.

Some tools at the lab are donated and are lab property, but there are others which are merely on loan from a member. Either way, they should be treated with the same respect as if they were your close friend's.

Tools listed here can be one or more of the following, so make sure you take a quick glance at the article for any safety information!

  • Expensive
  • Fragile
  • Difficult to operate properly (and/or easy to break)
  • Dangerous
  • Uncommon, therefore knowledge on proper operation is not widely distributed

This list is here to help members learn more about these items, and to contact the appropriate members if they wish to use/learn more about the tools.

Tool List

This list uses the following formatting: (Tool) - (Owner) - (Information or link to information) If you want to learn moar about a tool, contact it's owner through their about page. Owners, please set up your about page with contact info! If a tool does not have an info page, please make one!

Hand Tools

Power Tools

All of these should be considered dangerous and you should read the linked article before using these tools

Electronic Tools

Specialized Tools

Some of these are machines, though they count as tools. They're complex or dangerous, or both. Read the documentation and contact the person who owns it, or someone who knows how to operate it before using. (If you are a member and are an expert in a machine's operation which is owned by the lab, add yourself!)


These are electronic devices in the lab, that are used somewhat frequently.

  • Arduinos - Check page for owners - Most of these are owned by the lab, however we will be labeling ones which are personally owned.
  • LeafLabs Maple (arduino clone) - Chorca - Check with Chorca on this one. Okay to be used, but there are some voltage level issues to be aware of so you don't damage it.


Refer to the Lab Computers article