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FamiLAB Official Policies


As FamiLAB grows, we have to more clearly communicate our culture to new members, and set limits to manage risks to our community and better define being excellent to each other.

We do this with community policies, which set expectations for our community, and empower each of us to uphold those expectations without worrying if we are expressing a personal preference over what the community agrees is acceptable.

Law Violation Policy

Needs: To protect the community from ignorant people - community must be aware that laws applicable outside of the the lab are also applicable inside the lab.

TL;DR: If it's illegal outside the lab, it's illegal inside the lab.

Policy: FamiLAB complies with all Federal, State, and Local laws.

  • Law Violations Tolerance:
*Mindful of the normalcy of certain illegal acts i.e. the torrenting (although unacceptable, termination of membership is a case-by-case)
*If there is intent - suggested zero tolerance rule
*If there is not intent - case by case basis for knowing the illegality of an act
  • FamiLAB encourages our members to do the same.
*Empowerment Clause - If a member sees someone doing something to violate the law, that member should know it’s against policy here and they should be empowered to deal with it themselves in order to protect the community or approach the board without repercussions

Alcohol Policy


*To protect the community from liability for underage alcohol consumption.
*To protect members from the risks of operating tools while under the influence.
*To protect the space from damage due to irresponsible behavior while under the influence.


*Alcohol must remain within containment and under the supervision of the owner of the alcohol at all times.
*Alcoholic beverages found in the lab unsupervised will be disposed of immediately.
*Zero Tolerance policy for underage drinking.
*Please refrain from use of power tools if alcohol has been consumed.
*Alcohol is prohibited from being stored in the fridge (bring your own cooler - which cannot be stored at the lab)

Sleeping at the Lab Policy


*To protect the community from liability for zoning violations.
*To protect the community from loss of access due to sleeping in public spaces.
*To protect sleepers from assault.
*To preserve the perception of the lab as a community workspace.


*FamiLAB is a public space for teaching, learning and social activities.
*Members should not sleep for extended periods at the lab.
*Members may take naps occasionally, as conditions warrant.
*Members may not bring in beds, air mattresses, or other dedicated sleeping furniture into the lab.
*Members should not sleep at the lab on a continuing basis for days at a time.
*Members should not plan to sleep at the lab on a regular basis (weekly, monthly.)
*Members should expect to be awakened if the space is needed for a community purpose.

Computer Usage and Internet Policy


*Ensure continued access to the Internet.
*Protect the community from liability for piracy.


*Anything on lab computers must be licensed for the lab's use and the license be held by FamiLAB or be free for commercial use.
*Do not use lab computers or resource for illegal online activities.
*Violation of this policy will lead to enforcement action.