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Areas of interest. List project ideas under the area of interest. If you have a project that spans multiple areas of interest, consider splitting your project into parts. Add general areas of interest as well.

  • Data Mining
    • Develop surveys for lots of crazy crap, get random people on the internet to fill out the surveys, then store and analyze that data.
  • Computer Modelling
    • Biology, Systems Science (Systems theory, first and second order cybernetics, complex adaptive * systems, emergence and self-organization)
    • Neural networks
    • Evolutionary/genetic programming
  • Cellular automata/swarm intelligence
  • Mathematical biology
  • Knowledge Representation
    • Data Visualizations, graphviz use, easy to implement automated graphing tools based off existing datastructures
    • Simple reporting that makes your stuff look cool
  • Careful Design Projects
    • Biomimetics/bionics in architecture and engineering
    • Tensile structures/tensegrity structures
  • Educational Projects
  • Build a cluster
  • VM vulnerability testbed - multiple VMs with various vulnerable OSs in a single box, allow members to hack it!