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FamiLAB is working on making an impact! Do you have an idea for a project that can save the world? Do you want to give back to the community using your awesome fabrication skills? Find all your resources here (and of course hit up the Slack to recruit fellow Impact Makers).

For now, here are notes from our first Impact Making meeting.

What is Impact Making?

Impact Making is a movement to make a difference in the world through fabrication, hacking, and creation. Makers are working together to contribute to projects, including positive social change and achieving UNHCR Sustainable Development Goals. This concept was first discussed at MakerFaire and The White House Makerspace Organizers Meeting of 2016.

Impactful project ideas

  • Burning Man
  • LeafLets
  • Workshops for kids
  • Pillowcases for children's hospitals
  • Knitting hats for premature babies


Google OneToday

Google OneToday is a program for 501(c)(3) organizations that uses micro-transactions to raise money for non-profit projects. By posting a OneToday campaign, your project can be seen by OneToday users who have the app downloaded on their phone. Users receive an alert every day highlighting a project targeted to them by their personal interests. From there, they can read more about the project and donate $1, $5, or $20. OneToday users can also share with their friends, pledging to match donations made by others. It's a great way to spread awareness for a cause while raising money to support your impact efforts. The best part is that unlike other platforms, Google OneToday covers all transaction processing fees. Your project receives 100% of money you raise.

Stay tuned — we'll have some (better) forms for you to fill out to get started on this nifty funding platform.

UNOFFICIAL: For now, here is a possible campaign proposal form. This has not yet been approved by the Board, but it could help you gather information to use in running a campaign for your project. Print or email the completed form to submit it for review. Unfortunately, you have to tab a few times to prevent entered text from displaying on top of form prompts. Bot apologizes for not having a better solution on the fly, but hopes someone can make a secure form for future use.



If you're not sure if your project qualifies for an official round of grant or micro-transaction funding, you can always work with FamiLAB members to find money to make it so. We'll have more official details on how to do this someday, but for now you can always drop a message in the Slack #general-meta channel.