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Development Software

This is a list of software we have available on lab computers or in common use by members for our Epilog Laser Cutter, CNC Router, and 3D Printers


* [FreeCAD]
* [OpenSCAD]
   "The Programmer's CAD program" 
* [Autodesk Fusion 360]
   Excellent CAD program (also does CAM), free for Makers and small businesses making less than $100k/yr
* [Blender]
  Powerful Open-Source 3D Modeling software, excelling in organic modeling, animation, and similar tasks
* [Adobe Illustrator]
  Program for creating 2d vector drawings. We use it often for the laser cutter and the 4x4 CNC.

3D Printing

* [OctoPrint]
  Web Based 3d Printer Control (Typically run on a Raspberry Pi
* [Simplify3D]
  Premium slicer/control software for 3d Printing
* [Cura]
  Excellent Open-Source slicer for 3D Printing

Computer Aided Machining

* [Cut2D]
  Our currently used CAM program for the 4x4.
* [Vcarve]
  We are planning on purchasing a hackerspace license in the near future and transitioning from Cut2D to Vcarve, which has additional 2D and 3D cutting features. 
  Will also allow members to have a license on their personal computers to prepare files at home and then cut them at Familab.
* [Autodesk Fusion 360]
   Preferred CAM for the HAAS, excellent for the 4x4 as well. Supports 3, 4, and 3+2 axis setups with a wide variety of postprocessors for different machines.