February 2012 Meeting

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  • State of the Treasury
  • Confirm new members
  • Upcoming Events (tetsu)
  • Maker Faire
  • FamiLAB Google Docs Repository (Aaron)
  • Retro Game Night Funds

Votes & Proposals

  • Nominate new board members
  • Logo vote
  • Breadboard Table in lounge room as a permanent fixture, about the size of a coffee table
  • Authorize lab funds for Laser Etcher Maintenance
    • Create of a committee to monitor the laser cutter and its upkeep
  • dsh80 proposes that any discussion at the meeting that goes past 5-10 minutes should become an instant vote on a committee to meet elsewhere and discuss the matter and come back with a yes or no proposal, in an effort to keep meeting durations down.
  • Vote to have an open wiki page for monthly meeting agendas in a standard format, made in advance (dsh80 volunteers for this if it goes well)

Donations (vote)

  • Centrifuge (tetsu)
  • CNC Mill (bob danforth)


This meeting, February's meeting, is the meeting where YOU, THE MEMBERSHIP get to nominate the new board members!

We will be collecting nominations this meeting, and holding a vote for board members during March's meeting.

The new board members don't really have defined positions yet, we just know we need more board members to deal with the growing number of members. You should nominate people who you feel would represent the direction you want the lab to go.