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FAMiLAB 1.0 (September 2009)

We are the FAMiLab North-Orlando Super Secret Book Club. We are a group of people, 'hackers', who enjoy playing with technology. Separately, we want a place to hang out (besides mom's basement) where we are free to toy with these things, and not worry about security guards. Together, we can afford a really cool space with otherwise unobtainable equipment, and share ideas, creations, and stuff. We could use a logo."


  • 800 sqft
  • Minimal organization
  • Basic hand tools, server rack, couch
  • 10-15 members

FamiLAB 1.5

FamiLAB is Central Florida's provider of space, tools, and community for creative technical learning and projects... FamiLAB's mission is to promote the sharing of knowledge through the creation of safe and fun spaces to learn. These physical and virtual spaces contain the tools, materials, and expertise that rapidly accelerate learning but are not normally accessible to the general public.


  • 400 sqft
  • Organization S-Corp Officers (9/20/10)
  • President: Dan Lewis
  • Vice President: Dan Burroughs
  • Treasurer: Peter Doege
  • Secretary: Mack Hooper
  • Laser Kickstarter
  • 15-20 members
  • Classes at Cloudspace
  • Event at Orange County Convention Center
  • Great Global Hackerspace Challenge (E14)

FamiLAB 10x

FamiLAB is a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us.


  • 4,000 sqft (that’s 10x bigger)
  • Organization S-Corp Officers(4/16/12)
    • President: Dan Lewis (Willa Riggins, 2013)
    • Vice President: Dan Burroughs (Mike King, 2013)
    • Treasurer: Ian Cole (Jamie Szafran, 2014)
    • Secretary: Mack Hooper (Matt Armstrong, 2013)
  • Later would add 3 director positions in 2013:
    • David Sikes, Shop Czar
    • Brandan Lanman, Director (Jamie Szafran, 2014)
    • Conner Brooks, Director
  • ~30-40 members? (70+ at present)
  • Community partners and participants

For more information: FamiLAB 10x

FamiLAB 6k

  • 6000 sqft