Fabrication Lab

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Fabrication Lab

Katie Palmer
(407) 785-4119


The Fabrication Lab is the additive manufacturing hub of FamiLAB. Members can design objects in a computer and directly create them by 3D printing or by etching or cutting. Additive manufacturing (AM) is changing rapidly and opportunities for makers are growing.

Fabrication Lab Space

The Fabrication Lab is located just off the Lobby. There is a large window to allow viewing ongoing work. Due to the special air handling system, keep the door closed.


Around the Lab are an assortment of Cartesian and Delta style 3D Printers. A peg board holds an assortment of printer filament. Most rolls are owned by individual members and stored on the hooks. However some spools are for general use and should be labeled as such.

Laser Cutter

The Epilog Laser Cutter can perform laser etching and laser cutting. It can be used on most kinds of plastic, wood and glass. Any member wanting to operate the Epilog must take a Laser Course before being allowed to use it. The computer nearest the laser also has a fully licensed copy of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Vinyl Cutter

The Silhouette Vinyl Cutter can cut vinyl sheet.


Channels in Slack

  • #laser re mainly laser cutting.