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  • Alright, so there's this guy/girl sitting at a computer (could be done multiple times, same prototype) typing away, working on CSS and php code, some sort of terminal jazz, 3d desktops, and a can/cup of something caffeinated.
  • He/she breaks away from the concentrated stare to take a sip of said beverage, looks over at the clock
  • The clock says "3:57"
  • the guy's eyes get wide, anxious, breathes, looks around the room
  • first his alarm clock - 3:59
  • then his phone - 3:58
  • then a grandfather clock in the corner - shocking, because he didnt know it was there (/is hallucinating due to caffeine & sleep deprivation) - 4:01 (they're always off)
  • looks at that clock with giant spider legs behind it on a wall - also shocking - 3:58
  • suddenly surrounded in a room with no door but covered in clocks that say 3:59
  • looks back at his computer clock - 3:59
  • I don't know how this ends. Maybe the Terminator Dramasound then our logo. Put it up on youtube, facebook, our website, etc.