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Ethics/Mission Statement

  • Be Excellent To Each Other
  • Party On, Dude!
  • Freedom, freedom at last!
  • Question commonly held (but un*legitimized) concepts of corporate and personal property (tetsu)
    • restrictive measures on game consoles, purchased electronics.
  • Give People New Senses / Open People's Eyes
    • get people used to traffic sniffing, just for fun, because it's there. infared illumination/capture (systems of), public data sources, exploration (UE), smtp is anonymous?
      • Consider hackerspace a hostile network (ala DEFCON, etc.), better tunnel everything via SSH!
  • Break down people's fears of 'getting caught' (especially when they're doing nothing wrong)
  • Implore people to develop their own philosophies
  • Embrace the exploration of electronics and systems
  • Legitimize some activities
    • some activities are only questionably legal because there's no institution behind to substantiate it.
  • Improve John Doe Security
    • large corporations have manuals and protocols for password management and encryption. There is no 'IRL field manual to computer security'.
  • Make amends with the press (but keep them on their toes)
  • A place where your ideas and personal productivity are respected, necessary, and not profit*driven
  • A place for alternative ideas
  • A place to keep kids (who would otherwise be breaking into other peoples' systems) out of trouble
  • A place to prepare for the defense of America during the upcoming Cyber Wars with China, Israel, and N Korea (we could write a book too, huha)
  • A place to blatantly accept racial, religious, and political diversity.
  • To look cool sometimes.
  • 'Youth Club'
  • Work towards solving big problems with tech, green energy, humanitarian crisis, etc.