Enco 100-1588 Manual Knee Mill

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The Enco 100-1588 Manual Knee Mill is a clone of a Bridgeport milling machine. It is located in the Metal Shop. This machine is capable of precision drilling, milling, and boring of metals and engineering plastics. The head is mounted on the ram by joints that allow it to swivel in two directions. The ram can slide back and forth on the turret, which can swivel on the column. The table sits on the knee, and it can move horizontally in the X and Y axes. The knee rides up and down the column (one form of Z-axis movement), and the head contains a quill in which the spindle can slide up and down (another form of Z-axis movement or, when the head is swiveled, an additional axis).

Training is required.

Basic Specifications

  • X Travel: 36" (915mm)
  • Y Travel: 12" (305mm)
  • Z Travel: 16" (405mm)
  • Quill Travel: 5" (125mm)
  • Spindle Speed (high range): 600 to 1200 RPM. (Spec'd to 4200 max, but we have a derpy belt system that needs repairs.)
  • Spindle Speed (low range): 70 to 250 RPM.
  • Spindle Taper: R8

Link to manual: Link

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Our Mill and Accessories

5C Rotary Indexer


Fitted with a traveling spindle and collar, the 5-C Spin Index is unmatched for forming, grinding, and inspecting end mills and other fluted cutting tools as well as machining parts at varying angles. This spin index accepts 5-C collets up to 1-1/8" capacity and features a 36 hole indexing plate with 10 vernier holes for indexing to 1 degree. Locking spindle is hardened and ground and has 2-1/16" of travel.


The mill uses mist coolant (currently Kool Mist #77 is in the tank) to help evacuate chips and lubricate the cutting tools. The coolant comes out of a nozzle which is attached underneath the head. To turn on the coolant, make sure the air compressor is on and pull the black knob *outwards*. To adjust the flow of coolant, rotate the nozzle. Less is more! Make sure there is a fine mist, rather than a flood of liquid. Point towards the location of the cut and enjoy long-lasting tools with an excellent surface finish.


To refill coolant if it is low, mix the Kool Mist #77 concentrate (Location: blue liquid in water bottle on shelves to the right of mill) to a 30:1 ratio with water and fill coolant tank.


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